Boek Piet Paaltjens                                   Piet Paaltjens  Dichter-dominee  1835 - 1894                             


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Ladies beware

If you want to keep your man
Give him all the love you can,
Spread it like frambosy jam
On his breakfast boater-ham.

Bid him - coming home at noon -
welcome with a clinking soon,
Feed him with a silver spoon
Snigh-, rum- and princesser boon.

If at supper he should sigh,
Cast a luster-lacking eye
Rouse him up and make him bligh
With a plate of rice ter brigh.

And when you go to bed at night
Love him still with all your might
For you are wrong and he is right:
You're the coal and he's the guite.

John O'Mill 1915 - 2005
Bron: Lyrical Laria in Dutch and double Dutch
Uitgeverij Andries Blitz, Laren 1956